​3 Reasons to Invest in Organic Skin Care Products

​3 Reasons to Invest in Organic Skin Care Products

Published by Kathi Kirschner on 20th Jul 2020

After a decade of greasy, instant, and perfectly unhealthy products, the world has decided to reverse the effects and go organic. The word “organic” has taken the world by storm, as people scramble to ensure that every possible product can be deemed as such—organic fruits, vegetables, milk, cookware, mattresses, clothing, and so forth.

In a world where chemically-loaded products have dominated, the rise of everything organic has brought countless people back to reality. In other words, too many chemicals and other synthetic materials negatively affect not only our health but the environment.

While organic may seem like another trend, the reality is a far cry from that. Consciously choosing anything organic is a step towards a better future and a healing planet. If you’re looking to go organic, one of the first items you must consider during the switch is your skin care products. Much like the food you consume, the products you choose to lather on your skin is absorbed by your body. To take better care of it, switching to organic products is necessary—here’s why:

1 - Non-organic skin care products contain toxic chemicals

Skin care is a necessary part of your daily routine, but go ahead and pick a bottle of your usual product. Read its ingredients label—how many ingredients are recognizable? Your answer will likely be close to none, as non-organic products usually contain synthetic chemicals that can harm your skin in the long run.

Unfortunately, many products are infused with substances like parabens, mineral oil, sodium laurel, and other chemicals that eventually cause irritation, redness, organ toxicity, and other imbalances. For this reason, it’s best to make the switch and choose organic and natural skin care products.

2 - Organic skin care products are better for your skin

While it may be tempting to hold on to that tube of cream that makes your pimples disappear overnight, it likely contains chemicals that are invasive and harmful, even if it seems the opposite. It’s undeniable that these chemicals work—they’ve been designed to remove spots, blemishes, and wrinkles, but they hold nothing more than instant gratification and shallow results.

Prolonged use and exposure to these chemicals eventually damage and weaken your skin. Keep in mind that as they are foreign substances your body will likely be rejecting and merely coping with the products. By using natural skin care products, however, your body absorbs real nutrition from honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, among others. The effects won’t be instantaneous, but much more sustainable.

3 - Organic skin care products are sustainable and eco-friendly

Organic products are regarded as such for a reason—they’re naturally grown, meaning that they are free from the usual reigns of farming that come with toxic fertilizers and pesticides. They’re grown without compromising the soil, water, and air, making them the most sustainable choice.

Organic farming also supports wildlife, as with less water pollution, toxic wastes, and carbon dioxides, wild animals and plants are given the chance to grow and thrive. Organic skin care products may be the best choice for you, and they’re helping the planet even more.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of organic products are undeniable. It’s an investment in your health and the world, as your choice brings forth a mountain of results the rest of the world benefits from. The choice of purchasing organic soap, for instance, is one less harmful substance for the oceans. Choosing organic carrots jumpstarts the body’s healing. And the choice of organic skin care products means better skin health.

When we start to pay attention to what products we use and what we let our bodies absorb, we’re creating a better world. If you haven’t already done so, do the switch today—choose organic for your skin and everything else!

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