Sunset Glory Alpaca Scarves

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SUNSET GLORY ALPACA SCARVES - Hand Made and One of a Kind

Our Sunset Glory Alpaca scares are made from fleece from our very own Alpacas that live on our ranch!

Many people as us, "What do you DO with these animals?"

Well....Alpacas come from Peru and the surrounding area, and the average temperature is much lower than Pennsylvania. Therefore, every spring the animals need to be shorn, and their fleece is sent out to be washed, processed, and spun into YARN.

Then that yarn is spun into clothing and accessories like scarves, hats, gloves and socks.


To be clear - NO Alpacas were harmed or killed to obtain their fleece! It is a natural process to sheer them each year (or they will die of heat stroke in our hot climate), so the fleece that is shorn off is turned into these beautiful, hypoallergenic pieces of fluff. 

  • Hand made from our first 4 Alpacas: Elsa, Marlee, Presley and Kylee.
  • Hand spun by an Autistic man who has a very high level of skill in creating one of a kind, amazing patterns...see for yourself!
  • Very thick and warm, and are between 80-100% Alpaca with a tiny amount of Merino Wool in a few of them. If you are allergic to wool, please email us to find out which colors include wool. (
  • Because these are hand made, no two are exactly alike and once they are gone, they are gone!

The Scarf measures approximately 78" x 10" to ensure a wonderful fit regardless of how the scarf is worn.


Sometimes slight shedding can occur with natural fibers. YES you can wash these scarves to minimize this!

Wash on DELICATE cycle - warm water, dry on very low heat, DELICATE cycle. Only put a few things in the dryer with it.


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