Skin2Spirit is Now FIFTH & SKIN!

Skin2Spirit is Now FIFTH & SKIN!

Published by Kathi Kirschner on 20th Jul 2020

Skin2Spirit, launched under Skin2Spirit, LLC, is changing its brand name to "Fifth & Skin".

Ten years after the brands inception in 2010, the company has decided to change the brand name due to several reasons.

With its growing success, the new name will reduce the possibility of confusion that could be caused by another brand with a similar name in the same market who trademarked their name first. While the name is not exact, it is considered close enough to cause confusion, thus creating trademark difficulties.

Founder and CEO of this small, woman owned business, Kathi Kirschner, explains that the new name is also part of a bigger, long term strategy and is only one of several brands they will be launching in coming years. The new brand name delineates itself from the mother company and positions it better for future growth, also allowing the possibility of an exit strategy if so inclined.

“The new name and branding solidifies my mission to bring only the best in natural, organic skin care and makeup to people who crave a seriously clean product. Our current products will remain the same, but with a new look and feel, and some products will be revamped to be even more effective than before.”

Kathi has several winning products, one being a highly sought after and best-selling natural mascara formulated specially for sensitive eyes, and is most excited about a new anti-aging face serum that includes Matrixyl 3000, an incredible peptide comprised of two proteins that is used to target a wide range of aging signs and helps skin to look and act more youthful. This ingredient is backed by clinical studies that show you can look 5-10 years younger in only 30-60 days, with no surgery and no downtime.

The name Fifth & Skin, which explains the concept best with the tag line “Where Natural Beauty Lives”, is a play on a cross roads location where the best natural beauty care products can be found, and better represents the companies changing product line and strategy.

So what exactly does the name mean?

The “Fifth” stands for the 5th element of the universe and is the spiritual force that the other four elements, Earth, Air, Fire & Water, descend from. The spiritual meaning ties in well with the companies mission to teach people about clean living, mind, body and spirit, and the necessity to reduce the toxins introduced into the body through the skin. The "Skin" in the name is self-evident.

Skin2Spirit was born in 2010 in a small, rural area 30 miles from Philadelphia, PA. with hand poured soy candles made from all natural wax and essential oils. The business then morphed into a natural and organic skin care line in 2012. After a hugely successful launch on Amazon, as well as other eCommerce sites, the brand expanded to include natural and organic makeup in 2017.

Skin2Spirit was Certified Cruelty Free by the Leaping Bunny Organization in 2018, and this certification is expected to be transferred to Fifth & Skin.

Interested parties can learn more about the products offered by Fifth & Skin on their company website.